Sunday, October 18, 2009

Horrible people doing horrible things to their BMWs

Ok, first off, I want to say I hate mods on cars, like gargantuan spinners to tacky, cheap looking body kits. I think people have seen way too much Fast and the Furious to tell you the truth.

Last night I was looking through Craigslist, and I found this one BMW that really bugged the crap out of me, because it ruined a perfectly good E36 BMW 318i. I'm sorry if one of you readers is the owner, but just hear me out, BMWs should never look like this, they are classy cars that aren't meant to look like this.

I find it really hard to find a seller who can keep their BMW stock, like this. I commend those who can resist the world of aftermarket rims, and cheap walmart tail lights.

The most rare thing I see is service records for these older model BMW's, like in my mind I think after the second or third owner gets the car, the car will get neglected by some druggie or something. I mean you can get these cars like real cheap, the other day I saw a 740il from 1999 for like 9,000 dollars, it had like 5 owners, and only the first and second owners took care of it, after that it was just no records, on a rare case you'll see the car being taken to some sketchy car shop.

But when you do see BMWs that have been taken care of, they look amazing, like this 740i for example.

Real quick poll, what series of BMW would you consider the best buy with high mileage? And why? Please Comment

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